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At Sea...where are we now.. I guess off the coast of Italy

Ahhhhh lets get some sun and some sleep.

32 °C

Today was at sea. The ship is busy with many families and lots of action. We started slow and managed to grab a light breakfast before we joined the cruise critic Mix and Mingle to meet the people we have been chatting with on the Internet. We met Chris and Donna, Millie and Lenny, and Bert and Jane who will be going to Ephesus with us. We met Marylou and her group who were an interesting bunch, also Carol and a few others. We left Tracy and the seniors still in bed.
The seniors find us, but it takes longer to find Tracy. She had gone to line dancing, Bocce with the officers, and finally we met her at the rumba dance class. Roger and Tracy dance and I danced with a stranger. Later when we do the Waltz class I get Roger and Tracy got the stranger. There were two instructors, Lindsay, female, and Sanci a guy. Tracy volunteered to join a dance competition and when Sanci asked what type of dance she preferred he noted Rumba, which is the dance he is doing in the competition.
Today's lunch was a salad and Mexican. Roger had a salad and copious amounts of meat. Grandma is eating very well!! Tracy is finding lots of veggie choices.
We finished the afternoon doing the battle of the sexes trivia. It was a close game and will continue on the next sea day. Then it was time for wine for Grandma and Roger and a gin and tonic for Doris before we got ready for our formal dinner.
Everyone looked lovely and the dinner was tasty. Adrian brought Tracy's menu in Spanish. Our room steward brings her daily activity schedule in French. She's having fun speaking to so many people in their own language. The section of the dining room we are in has a room of tables with Canadians, from coast to coast. We gave Adrian and Paolo Canadian flag pins and made them honourary Canadians.
Tonight was challenge night. We showed them the cork trick and Adrian put a plate on the table, poured some water on it and placed a water glass upside down in the water and challenged Tracy to get the water into the glass without touching the plate. She couldn't do it and Adrian light a lighter held it in the glass and placed the glass back on the plate. The water rose up into the glass. He also did another one with pepper in a plate of water.
We went to the theatre for the Captains toast and the show. It was a fun night.

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