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A day full of fun planned by our daughter

Tracy is going to show us her home for the last year.

sunny 21 °C

A day full of fun. What has Tracy planned for us? A light breakfast and the plan is to find the flea market, but despite major sleuthing talents we were unable to find it. Next best thing is a grocery store! A short walk later we are settled in the park with wine, cheese, crackers, grapes and pain chocolate (chocolate croissants). The action in the park appeared to be across the way where we noticed what appeared to be a rather intense young man and a less so woman. It became apparent the man was breaking up and trying to get his ring back. Sadly she was not in agreement. Scene two has him walking away with her in tears. He returns - perhaps he has a heart or perhaps he still wants the ring. We left before scene three.
With our handy GPS we find the military museum, however despite the website's claim, it was not open. The building was amazing and majestic. The neighbouring Car museum was open and we explored the area, we declined paying to go through.
Time to head over to the Lace and Costume museum. This one was open and was worth the visit. The exhibit was entitled "homemade" and displayed many homemade crafts dating pre sewing machine to the 1980s including various samplers made by students in the 1800 and 1900s. I learned that young women that joined the work force do not get the proper training in home skills so that when they marry their children will lack moral training, the house will not be run well and the men will have to find solace in the inns and will listen to other men. No wonder my family is such a mess. LOL.
Beer time, a Raspberry Kreik for me, a Caisson beer for Tracy and I forget what Roger had! Tried to stay awake on the bus ride home, but had a hard time! Roger wanted pomme frites, called only frites over here, but the Place Flagey but it was closed, it seems people line up for them and are willing to wait, they must be good. We picked up cakes from the Moroccan area; they were a deal compared to the other areas! The server knew of Canada because of the TV show 'Just For Laughs' out of Montreal. Then a bottle of wine from the grocery and home for a cup of tea before dinner.
We had a great evening with Tracy's landlord, Sabine. She understood some English, I had some French, Roger had more and Tracy had lots so the conversation was entertaining and mostly understood. She prepared the dinner, which to Roger's delight included Pomme Frites, cucumber with sour cream, honeydew, which they just call melon, lettuce, tomato, radishes and little goat cheese rounds that were coated with something and warmed up on the stove. We started with an aperitif wine, a little red with dinner and finished with water and Moroccan tea and the cakes we bought.
We bused back to town for Karaoke, but it was not on tonight so.... what else ... we had beer. Well Roger and Tracy did, I opted for Chocolate Chaud. The new smoking regulations cause people to go outside to smoke. The deal is they go outside, stand at the windows and blow the smoke back in, very helpful.

The bus ride home was entertaining. A somewhat drunken man was happily chatting, said good-bye to his friend and went to get off at his stop. He had not pressed the button, so of course the driver didn’t' stop. The man was irate that the driver would not stop. He yelled and carried on and horror of horrors tore up his ticket! He was let off at the next stop where he had a few more words to say before he left the bus, spat on the doors and thought of more things to say. The driver apologized for his language, which of course had gone right over my head.
Tracy is packing, the train tickets are in place and the plans are all set for tomorrow. Time for some sleep.

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