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At Sea...where are we now.. I guess off the coast of Italy

Ahhhhh lets get some sun and some sleep.

32 °C

Today was at sea. The ship is busy with many families and lots of action. We started slow and managed to grab a light breakfast before we joined the cruise critic Mix and Mingle to meet the people we have been chatting with on the Internet. We met Chris and Donna, Millie and Lenny, and Bert and Jane who will be going to Ephesus with us. We met Marylou and her group who were an interesting bunch, also Carol and a few others. We left Tracy and the seniors still in bed.
The seniors find us, but it takes longer to find Tracy. She had gone to line dancing, Bocce with the officers, and finally we met her at the rumba dance class. Roger and Tracy dance and I danced with a stranger. Later when we do the Waltz class I get Roger and Tracy got the stranger. There were two instructors, Lindsay, female, and Sanci a guy. Tracy volunteered to join a dance competition and when Sanci asked what type of dance she preferred he noted Rumba, which is the dance he is doing in the competition.
Today's lunch was a salad and Mexican. Roger had a salad and copious amounts of meat. Grandma is eating very well!! Tracy is finding lots of veggie choices.
We finished the afternoon doing the battle of the sexes trivia. It was a close game and will continue on the next sea day. Then it was time for wine for Grandma and Roger and a gin and tonic for Doris before we got ready for our formal dinner.
Everyone looked lovely and the dinner was tasty. Adrian brought Tracy's menu in Spanish. Our room steward brings her daily activity schedule in French. She's having fun speaking to so many people in their own language. The section of the dining room we are in has a room of tables with Canadians, from coast to coast. We gave Adrian and Paolo Canadian flag pins and made them honourary Canadians.
Tonight was challenge night. We showed them the cork trick and Adrian put a plate on the table, poured some water on it and placed a water glass upside down in the water and challenged Tracy to get the water into the glass without touching the plate. She couldn't do it and Adrian light a lighter held it in the glass and placed the glass back on the plate. The water rose up into the glass. He also did another one with pepper in a plate of water.
We went to the theatre for the Captains toast and the show. It was a fun night.

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What to do today?

sunny 28 °C

No plans... lets see what happens. A much more relaxed day! A light breakfast after a bit of asleep in. We met up with Charlotte, an activity director who was on the mercury two years ago. We had a good chat and did some of the onboard activities with her such as trivia, lawn games, bocce, and wii.
Grandma wanted to go ashore to get some postcards and stamps. Postcards accomplished within a few minutes of the port, but no stamps. The bank where you buy them closed at 12:30 as it is Saturday and the tobacco shop said finito, so.. Grandma was hot and wobbly on her feet so we took her back to the ship. The sellers at the port entrance are fairly pushy and one gelato store were very pushy, but rather funny and friendly.
Lunch today for me was salad and Indian food. It was tasty, but seemed a little on the cool side temp wise. More fun and games and then some cloths washing, a cool drink and a few quiet minutes to read while Roger joined the seniors for wine.
It is hot and humid here in Sicily in the port of Messina. Days as getting shorter as we sail south. We pass the Solstice just this side of the straight of Messina.
We are planning for our sea day tomorrow and further ports. Charlotte has sent us up some priority passes for the tenders in Santorini and Myconos so we can get off the ship quickly.
We were able to get in a few dances before the band packed it in for the night and moved up to the Sky Lounge for Karaoke. Tracy, Roger and I sang Can't By Me Love and Roger did I'm Gettin' Married in the Morning. Quite a huge group gathered for the night and only those who put in their requests early actually got to sing more than one tune. There were a few good singers, a few almost good and a few really bad. Grandma and Doris stayed up for the event.
The clocks go ahead tonight so time to pack it in.

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Rome and boarding the ship.

You can get there from here... er here from there.

sunny 28 °C

A train, a plane, a limo and a ship. We must be in Italy!!! First of all the sleep was great. We had a tier or three beds. Tracy had the top, Roger the middle and I volunteered for the bottom. It was a bit hot, but with the door closed it stayed a bit cooler. As 10am rolled round and nothing looked likea a city like Rome we finally heard that we were running a couple of hours late. Rumors of strike circulated, but nothing confirmed. A quick call to Roma cabs assured us a ride when we arrived.
On the way to the airport we learn that Joyce and Doris' first flight is late and their second one has been changed. We divert for our first real Italian Pizza. Roger had a vegetable thing that looked like Swiss chard and had a bit of heat. Tracy and I had a Margarita Pizza and it was good.
On to the airport, but they take forever to show and no luggage when they do. We send them back and wait, wait, wait. Joyce returns to tell us they almost have their luggage. We sent her back. Time kept passing. You are supposed to board 1 hour prior to sailing, it takes an hour to drive to the port and it is passed three o'clock for a five o'clock sail. Out they come. We gather up the luggage and load them in the taxi for a wild ride to the port. At times she was going 140 to 150 kph. However we do arrive in one piece. We are the last on the ship and they are packing everything up, in 5 minutes they would have been closed we passed many of port staff leaving as we came up the dock. We have the passes get on board and when we board they take our photos and they crack open a bottle of champagne. It goes without saying we tipped well.
Our luggage arrives quickly and we are unpacked and settled. We pick up the seniors and head to dinner. Ahhhhhh. A little table for six and the one seat is empty. They don't tend to have the big round tables. Lots of tables for four that can be pushed together. Our waiter is Adrian, the assistant is Paolo and our sommelier is Carlos. I have the Spanish white fish, which is tasty. We split up after dinner and Tracy and I check out the library before we join the others at the show. The first night is always a taste of the entertainment coming up for the cruise. Then we hit the dance floor and stayed until the band called it a night. A black fellow came onto the dance floor and danced working his way closer to Tracy, however when he asked who she was traveling with and she says my parents, he quietly said, oh and fairly quickly went to find another dance partner. LOL.

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